Friday, 11 March 2016

Dash Quest v2.2.0 is now available on iOS and Android!

Update 2.2.0 has arrived for both platforms and gives high-level players a chance to become Legendary! Here's a look at what's new:
  • Legend Mode: high level players now have the option to reset their progress and items in order to acquire exclusive, permanent perks. Legend Mode is optional, and choosing to gain a Legend Level will reset gold, gear and progress. Key Items and Epic Coins will not be affected;
  • Perks: gain Perk Points to spend on unique improvements that carry over when you acquire new Legend Levels;
  • New-Look Gold Shop: the Gold Shop features a brand new look, with easier access to gold and new items, and greater flexibility for special items and sales
  • Adjusted stats on Cracked Orb, Sorcerer's Orb and Ivory Staff for game balance purposes
You can read more about Legend Mode in our earlier post at: We also discuss the game balance changes in more detail here:

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