Friday, 23 December 2016

Tiny Titan Holiday Update!

It's that time again, everyone! The days are shorter, the weather is colder, and shopping has become a maddening, frantic experience that leaves deep emotional and mental scars in its wake. It's the holiday season and we're winding things down at the office for our winter break.

A Year to Celebrate

Last Friday, we had our second annual Tiny Titan Holiday Party! We played a couple of rounds of laser tag, did a Secret Santa gift exchange, had a poker tournament and generally had an amazing night of fun. Big thanks to Laser Quest in London, ON for hosting our group and letting us blow off some steam before we headed back to the office for poker, food and drinks. Here are a few pics:

The team strikes their best Titan poses.

The poker tournament was in full effect!

Tom and Jules were the big winners at the poker tournament! Tom took home a PS4 Uncharted bundle and Julie got some awesome Bluetooth headphones.

Glenn grabs a blacklight selfie at Laser Quest.

Christian, Carson, Justin and Tom get ready for some Laser Quest.
The past year has been a very eventful one for all of us at Tiny Titan. Our team has essentially doubled in size and we've moved to new offices. We've just launched a new game and there are exciting new projects on the horizon.

Thank you to all of our players for their continued support and for helping us to become the studio we are today. We'll all delighted to be able to come into our space every day and make games, and we will be eternally grateful that all of you make time to play them and talk with us about them. From our family here at Tiny Titan to yours, have a wonderful and safe holiday season with your loved ones.

Tiny Rails Launch and Updates

As many of you will know, we launched our latest title, Tiny Rails, this past week on iOS and Android. This game featured our biggest team on a project to date and had the longest development cycle of any Tiny Titan title released thus far. It was a lengthy and sometimes difficult dev cycle, but we're very proud of the finished project and couldn't be more excited about the reaction we're seeing to it so far.

With all of that being said, the team is keenly aware that we have a number of bugs and general gameplay issues that need to be addressed. We're dedicated to stomping out the most critical of these bugs as quickly as we possibly can and will do our best to prioritize the areas we focus on based on the biggest impacts to our players. On the gameplay front, we're working on making navigation smarter and we think it'll provide a better overall experience, as well as give us better flexibility in creating new content.

Currently, we're aiming to have a quality-of-life update with fixes and minor features out in early January, with a large content update to follow in late January/early February. 

Holiday Vacation

We also wanted to take this time to let everyone know that the studio will be closed for the holidays starting December 24th. We'll be returning on Monday, January 2nd. While we won't be going completely dark during those times, we'd ask that you please bear in mind that responses to emails, tweets and other social media will be delayed over this period. We'll catch up in the new year once we're back at work.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy time with your family and friends. We look forward to seeing you in 2017!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Hit the open rails! Tiny Rails is here!

Tiny Titan Studios is proud to announce the arrival of our fifth title, Tiny Rails!

"All abooooooooard!"
Set out on adventure in Tiny Titan's immersive, world-spanning train game Tiny Rails! Your grandfather has handed down his train company and it's up to you to expand your modest engine into a multi-car masterpiece! Upgrade and customize your train while unlocking new stations, delivering passengers and trading supplies all around the world! Become a railroad tycoon, or sit back and relax while you watch your train travel day and night through unique environments with weather and climate changes! Actively help your railway network grow or let your train travel at its own pace - your train will even make progress when you aren't playing!
Features Include:
•Beautiful pixel art combines with relaxing music in this immersive, unique game experience!
•Play an active or a passive role... it's your choice!
•Let your train explore the world map even when you aren't around! Where will you find YOUR train the next time you play?
•Travel the world and explore a variety of environments and weather in your fully customizable, upgradable train!
•Outfit your train with food, entertainment or comfort cars to increase passenger happiness and keep business booming!
Choo-choo-choose to climb aboard Tiny Rails!

Tiny Rails is available now on iOS via the App Store and on Android via the Google Play Store. This game is the product of our biggest team ever working tirelessly to deliver a completed title and we can't wait to share it with you. Please download and enjoy!

You can now find Tiny Rails sections at our forums and we'd love to hear from you! What do you think of the game? Have you noticed any hidden secrets? There's also a section for suggestions and bug reports.

Thank you to all of our players and best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!