Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Tap Smiths Update: Night of the Living Smiths

Welcome back to the Tiny Titan Studios Blog, now a weekly feature!

Last week, we dropped hints about about the future of both Dash Quest and Tap Smiths. Those who are dying to hear more about Dash Quest are unfortunately going to have to wait one more week for details. Tap Smiths fans, however, get ready for an information dump! Patch 1.0.5 is dropping Wednesday on Android and should be available by the end of the week on iOS. This patch is a content update to gear you up for update 1.1.0 in two weeks. 

What can you expect from this month's updates? More! While that's a pretty simple explanation, that really is our aim: to give you more of what you love. More Smiths! More Blueprints! More Secrets! And, more ways to spend gold and upgrade your smithery! 1.0.5 will add four new Smiths (including a new Smythical character) and ten new Blueprints, with more Smiths, upgrades and bonuses to follow in update 1.1.0. I'd like to tell you what all the patterns and smiths are, but you have to find them for yourself!

Wait... who left the door open? Oh no! They got in!

Someone brought out the dead, it seems. We'll have to fix that lock. 

Cheesy jokes aside, the other three smiths are yours to find.

What are the new secrets you ask? Well, they are just that, a secret!

We'll see you next week and drop more details on Tap Smiths v1.1.0 in the coming days!