Monday, 8 February 2016

Dash Quest v2.0 is LIVE on Android and iOS!

Dash Quest version 2.0 is finally here on Android and iOS, and it's huge. Have a look at the change list:

  • World Map: It’s an all-new way to play Dash Quest with new secrets to uncover;
  • Challenge Nodes: Take on waves of foes with special modifiers to earn special prizes. Try to top all-new leaderboards;
  • Mini-Game: Test your skills on the archery range for bragging rights and loot;
  • Epic Spells: Summon the powerful Ghost Knight and Hydra;
  • Pet - Ghost: This mysterious companion banishes enemies to the void. Can you find him?
  • Added 7 new armors: Tanook Suit, Tempest Garb, Frost Mail, Ember Robes, Crimson Raiment, Barbed Carapace and Bomber Jacket;
  • Added 8 new weapons: Rogue’s Rite, Shinobi Dagger, Redwood Wand, Scoundrel’s Cutlass, Blackthorn Wand, Vile Cleaver, Storm Falchion, Ivory Staff and Brawler’s Machete;
  • Added 12 new accessories: Ninja Belt, Goblin’s Toolkit, Ghost Knight’s Soul, Hydra’s Heart, Gale Gauntlets, Odin’s Helm, Sensei’s Wraps, Cracked Orb, Vagabond’s Mask, Conjurer’s Sigil, Augmenting Tome and Titan Pauldrons;
  • Added 2 new spells: Chakra and Tornado;
  • Added 11 new skills: Brute Force II, Third Wind, Luck II, Charge II, Berserker Rage, Mana III, Throw Power II, HP III, Boom II, Combat III and Lionheart;
  • Added 13 new items: Fireball Scroll, Colossus Potion, Poison Ampule, Charged Relic, Megalixir, Lightning Scroll, Enchant Scroll, Gourmet Pet Treat, Bomb Brigade, Knight’s Soul Shard, Chance Scroll and Dagger Fan
As always, follow our devblog at for the latest Dash Quest developments. Happy Dashing!

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