Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Now Hiring: Technical Director

Who We Are: Tiny Titan Studios is a small indie studio based in London, Ontario, Canada (that's right, not that London). We're the creators of mobile games like Dash Quest and Tap Smiths, both available on iOS/Android and actively supported by passionate players. We are growing, and we're hoping that you might be the next member of our team!

Tiny Titan makes mobile products that strive to bridge the gap between classic retro gaming and modern phone and tablet experiences. Find out more about us and our games here:

The Job: Tiny Titan Studios is seeking an experienced Technical Director to join our growing team. This individual will be responsible for working alongside the studio director and production teams in setting the bar of technical excellence for our games. The duties of the position will include, but not be limited to:

•Establishing impeccable code and programming standards for all Tiny Titan projects
•Participating in planning sessions and assessing code requirements for development sprints
•Writing and maintaining reliable, reusable code for a variety of projects
•Managing a small programming team, developing strategies and delegating tasks as required
•Documenting code standards and practises for reference by team members and management
•Concepting and developing tools to streamline development processes for teams from multiple disciplines

The Requirements: Our ideal candidate would meet the following criteria:

•Eligible to work in Ontario, Canada
•Minimum of three (3) years professional experience in a senior programming role
•Adept at C/C++/C# programming languages
•Shipped at least two (2) mobile titles on iOS and Android platforms
•Thorough knowledge of and experience with Unity
•Experience with Agile game development pipelines
•Multiplayer game architecture experience with solid understanding of network protocols, client/server and peer-to-peer architecture
•Able to demonstrate exceptional 3D math and graphics programming skills
•Deep low-level knowledge of CPU and RAM functionality, optimizations, CPU pipeline, registers, intrinsics, cache lines and locality of reference
•Solid understanding of data-oriented design and knowledge of the cons of downsides of OOP
•Strong leadership and interpersonal skills
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•Passion and enthusiasm for video games, particularly retro and mobile gaming

Please note that our successful candidate will be required to work on-site at our London, Ontario, Canada offices.

The Compensation:

•Annual salary, to be negotiated with potential candidate
•Benefits packages and incentive-based bonuses
•Networking events and social outings in one of southwestern Ontario's biggest game dev hubs
•A totally awesome office dog/mascot

Does this sound like your kind of opportunity? We would be delighted to hear from you! Please email with a current CV. Tiny Titan will only be contacting potential candidates from our pool of applications.

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