Monday, 25 July 2016

Tap Smiths, Live Teams and a Teaser

On July 5th, Tiny Titan Studios released our fourth game, Tap Smiths. We could not be more ecstatic to report that the game is a smashing success! We were fortunate to be featured in Apple's "New Games We Love" on the App Store, which helped us surpass our wildest expectations for the game. While we encountered a few small issues during our launch, the overwhelming positive feedback that Tap Smiths has received is humbling and very much appreciated. We'd like to offer sincere thanks to all of our players for their ongoing support.

Now, Tiny Titan Studios is looking to the future and continuing our goal of creating high quality mobile games. What things can you expect? Well, you're reading part of it right now! We'll be increasing our social presence, starting with this blog post. Daily Facebook and Twitter posts, weekly blog posts, more presence on Reddit and our forums and the occasional Instagram update are all in our plans. If you are interested in keeping up with what we are doing, be sure to follow and bookmark all our social media:

As well as an increased social media presence, our recent growth also affords us some much-needed resources to help support our games. Our new live team is aiming to release updates for both Dash Quest and Tap Smiths every two weeks. What will these updates contain? Check out next week's blog post to find out!

In closing, our artist Chris McIntyre completed this piece of pixel art this past week and we really wanted to share it with all of you. Is it for an existing project? Something new? Was Chris just bored at work (never, we assure you)? Be sure to keep an eye on our social media to find out more!

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