Friday, 8 January 2016

Dash Quest v1.2.7 is live on iOS

Apple users, version 1.2.7 has arrived with new content, bug fixes and more. Here's a summary of what's new:
  • Increased level cap to 80;
  • Added 5 new gear pieces: Veteran's Rapier, Molten Mace, Lunar Amulet, Pegasus Treads and Master Thief's Gear;
  • Added  4 new items: Latte, Holy Bomb, Barrier Scroll and Magic Missile Scroll;
  • Added 3 new skills:  Flame Stoker, Brute Force and Storm Caller;
  • Added a new spell Lightning Orb:  a lightning sphere ricochets among enemies;
  • Added bonus for daily logins and added new achievement: Endurance Runner
  • Added support for spell scroll consumables; buy a single use scroll to cast spells and further customize your character build;
  • Added iCloud support: game state will now save to iCloud at the end of a run and can be synced to an alternate Apple device;
  • Fixed bug with Holy damage not occurring at the correct frequency;
  • Fixed bug with intro chime playing during boss battles;
  • Added Epic Coin Doubler Key Item and IAP support;
  • Overhauled event system and updated current in-game events;
  • Made various UI tweaks and style updates in descriptions and dialogue;
  • Known issues: rare monsters are currently not spawning. This has been addressed and will be fixed in update 1.2.8
As always, follow our devblog at Happy dashing!

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