Friday, 15 January 2016

iOS Update 1.2.8 is Live!

iOS update 1.2.8 is here, with new content, bug fixes and more. Here’s what’s new: 

  • New level cap: 85;
  • Added new gear: Bandit's Shank, Odin's Plate, Soldier's Cap and Holy Relic;
  • Added new items: Recover Scroll, Magic Ticket and Throwing Axes;
  • Added new skills: Throw Power and Holy Magic;
  • Added new spell: Ninjitsu (skill name has been changed to "Ninja Training");
  • Adjusted prices on some items and gear to normalize pricing structure;
  • Changed skill names for clarity and added required skill trees; players should not lose any current skill points invested but may need to unlock "earlier" skills to add more points;
  • Added new attributes for thrown weapons, damage types, and autohit/autoattack spells;
  • Fixed issue with rare monsters not spawning;
  • Altered magic missile to ignore static objects;
  • Updated iCloud Sync confirmation window to help clarify data that will be restored;
  • Made some "behind the scenes" tweaks to code and UI
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