Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Cube is BACK!

Happy Cube Death Arena has a new update available on Google Play!

In Happy Cube Death Arena, it's up to you to keep your friendly Cube from meeting certain doom! Jump, double jump and ground pound your way past deadly spikes, rollers and lasers. It's going to take perfect timing and fast reflexes to keep your little buddy from becoming an UNHAPPY Cube!
Play this updated version of the MOST challenging and ADDICTIVE game on the App Store today!
How many death traps can your Happy Cube jump? Find out now!


  • 1x Happy Cube (Blue in color)
  • 20+ unique, AWESOME unlockable skins for your Cube
  • NEW in version 1.3 - Dash Quest Cube skin
  • NEW in version 1.3 - Updated point system to earn unlockable skins
  • Incredibly addictive gameplay
  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Challenging replay factor
  • Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements
  • Version 1. 3 - Minor fixes and UI improvements

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